Coloured Stones

Through his association with the major coloured stone dealers in Canada, George has access to a wide and varied inventory of precious and semi-precious coloured stones.

Rubies and sapphires from Thailand, emeralds from Colombia and Brazil and a multitude of other stones are available whether you want to make a simple family ring, or design a 40th anniversary ring around a fine 2 carat ruby.

It is the client’s desire that is most important to us at The Diamond Studio, and we will use our expertise to ensure that the right stone is obtained at the right price.

“Designing jewellery is a very rewarding and interpersonal experience in which I get to participate with my clients in their celebration of life and beauty. I love to listen and then transform their dreams and ideas into a piece that will forever symbolize that special moment.

In this day and age when there is so much information and mis- information about diamonds, I feel rewarded when I can bring the knowledge and experience from my 25 years as a diamond dealer to the table, and watch my client’s understanding and confidence grow as we go through the diamond selection process.”

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